Hello 🙂 I'm Cat. I've built out this site originally to showcase my website development work, but as I've developed my cooking and narrowed down my expertise, I've started to actually write down my recipes. My goal is to share them with the world, no matter how big or small my reach is.


Every day, I look forward to cooking dinner. I love being able to work with my hands and figuring out how I can use up what I have to make something delicious. The techniques I've learned come from watching a ton of Food Network (specifically Chopped) as well as helping/watching my mother cook as a kid.

Now, I want to be able to preserve my heritage and mainly focus on creating recipes that my grandmother used to make, but I also want to make it accessible to those who don't have access to your typical Asian grocery store. To do so, I've added a section to my recipes called "Replacements" so that getting really unique ingredients doesn't have to be stressful.

Website Development

I get a little giddy starting a new site from scratch. I'm incredibly lucky to have a few of my own clients and to partner with agencies to build out website design and seeing something come to life.